Odyssey battery hold down

In my quest for weight savings I bought an Odyssey PC680 battery. ??The factory battery and tray is around 33-34 lbs. ??The Odyssey battery is 14.7 lbs. and the custom hold down I made for it is less than a pound. ??That is a savings of almost 20 lbs.


  • 8″ x 8″ x 1/4″ piece of 6061 aluminum from OnlineMetals.com for around $10 plus shipping.
  • 8M x 1.25 threaded rod
  • Two 8M lock washer and acorn nuts
  • Two flat head machine screws – I’ll need to look up the size again and update this

I don’t think it ended up costing more than $25 in parts to make.

Custom battery hold down

Custom battery hold down

Custom battery hold down


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